Sustainable Agriculture Technology

Sustainitech is pioneering new ways of growing fresh food in all climates, in all seasons.


Vertical Farming

Sustainitech’s vertical farming technology has taken refrigerated shipping
containers, and given them new life as
high-tech vertical farms. Our proprietary design allows for fresh, leafy greens
such as spring mix and lettuce to be grown in a perfectly controlled environment.
With 95% less water use, and up to 300% longer shelf life than traditional agriculture, we are sparking a new wave of the grow local, eat local movement.


Our History:

Sustainitech was founded to answer a
number of what if questions.

What if we could all eat locally grown food?
What if we never threw away spoiled food?
What if we could build farms in a flexible, modular way to perfectly meet our future
food demand?

After spending many years looking at these questions, Sustainitech launched the design and construction of our first containerized
vertical farm in 2012. Since then, we have
been rapidly researching and experimenting
at the cutting edge of vertical farming to create food systems that delivers healthy
& affordable local produce, 365 days a year.
The agricultural revolution has begun.