Full-Stack IT Systems Developer

Sustainitech is a purpose driven agri-tech company focused on creating perfectly controlled indoor growing environments that grow a wide range of high quality crops in any climate, no matter how harsh. Sustainitech has developed a proprietary modular controlled environment agriculture complex built to be grid independent. The complex is designed to be crop flexible and produces a number of leafy greens, culinary herbs, and specialty plants that are grown with impeccable quality, including rich flavour profile and industry leading shelf life. Sustainitech’s team will need to continually innovate to create indoor growing systems, supported by industry leading technology, for greatest flexibility and profitability. Under the guidance of the Systems Manager, this position is responsible for contributing toward these objectives by supporting the growth and efficiency of Sustainitech’s hardware and software technology systems.

Position Details

Sustainitech is hiring an IT Systems Developer to continue to build, maintain, troubleshoot, optimize, and run the diverse systems and infrastructure that support our indoor growing technology. This role is vital to the success of the Sustainitech team. As part of the team, this role will work closely with our Systems Manager.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Manage and monitor installed hardware systems and infrastructure;
  • Install, configure, test and maintain operating systems, application software, hardware devices and system management tools, onsite and offsite (will require physical hands-on implementation in the field and construction locations);
  • Proactively ensure the highest levels of systems and infrastructure availability;
  • Monitor and test application performance for potential bottlenecks, identify possible solutions, and work with developers to implement those fixes;
  • Maintain security, backup, and redundancy strategies;
  • Write and maintain custom scripts to increase system efficiency and lower the human intervention time on any tasks;
  • Participate in the design of information and operational support systems;
  • Liaise with vendors and other team members for problem resolution.

Qualifications and Key Skills

  • Bachelor’s degree in an engineering specialty relevant to the position, such as, but not limited to, Computer, Electrical, Mechanical or IT Systems. A strong understanding of each is recommended;
  • 1-2 years experience in a related professional role;
  • Experience with DevOps in administration and performance tuning of full application stacks;
  • Experience in installing, configuring and troubleshooting UNIX/Linux based environments;
  • Proficient in diverse scripting and programming languages with abilities to learn new languages (e.g., shell/bash scripts, Ruby, Python, Javascript, Java, SQL, Swift etc…);
  • Full understanding of website design, server design, domain management and cloud solutions;
  • Experience with microcontrollers, electrical sensors and industry standard protocols;
  • Experience interfacing with SQL databases locally and remotely.
  • Experience with Data collection and data analysis tools and frameworks;
  • Experience handling IT administration duties. (e.g. Company software services, MDM, G-Suite, Corporate Inventory management, Network management);
  • Strong networking knowledge (OSI network layers, Personal Area Networks, TCP/IP).
  • Abilities to run, build and alter iOS and Android applications;
  • Experience with automation technologies and wireless communication protocols;
  • Experience working with infrastructure automation software and networking frameworks (e.g., Puppet, cfengine, Chef);
  • Experience with government and private sector technical grant processes and project proposals;
  • Experience creating detailed corporate systems documentation across various domains;

Submission Details

Your application must have these three documents:

  1. Cover letter
  2. Resume or C.V.
  3. Informal document

The informal document should detail 1-3 most important professional or personal passion projects you have worked on that highlight the applications of your diverse skills. Include what systems you worked on, what you were responsible for, links to the project or demo, how many people were on the project including their job titles, and what technologies you learnt along the way.

This position will remain open until a suitable candidate is appointed.


$60000 to $80000 Full-time per year

Application Submission


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