The Sustainitech Complex

Sustainitech is a purpose driven agri-tech company focused on creating perfectly controlled indoor growing environments that grow a wide range of high quality crops in any climate, no matter how harsh. Our mission is to enable 1 million new farmers across the world by 2030.

The proprietary design behind the Sustainitech Complex delivers the benefits of indoor farming at a low capital and operational cost. The Sustainitech Complex is pre-manufactured for an asset life of 50 years. 

While many indoor systems can only grow a limited range of small crops, the Sustainitech Complex can accommodate any crop under 7 feet tall and can easily switch crops from one harvest to another.

Sustainitech knows that indoor grown produce is in competition with field grown produce, so we never stop innovating to increase the efficiency of the Sustainitech Complex.

Seed to Sale Service

Sustainitech brings years of industry and technical expertise to every Sustainitech Partnered Farm Client, giving our clients confidence and support at every step.

Sustainitech’s Partnered Farm model means that from the early stages of site selection, zoning, and code all the way to which crops to grow, how to process and package for the highest margins, Sustainitech has your back.

SustainitechOS, our proprietary farm management app provides our clients with at a glance control of their systems, inventory management for farm inputs such as seed and nutrient, and market intelligence to guide crop selection.

The Story of Sustainitech

Sustainitech was founded to answer a number of what if questions.

  • What if we could all eat locally grown food?
  • What if we never threw away spoiled food?
  • What if we could build farms in a flexible, modular way to perfectly meet our future food demand?
  • What if we could empower farmers all over the world with tools that meet their needs?

After spending many years looking at these questions, Sustainitech launched the design and construction of our first containerized vertical farm in 2012. Since then, Sustainitech has been rapidly researching and experimenting at the cutting edge of vertical farming to create food systems that delivers healthy produce, 365 days a year, no matter how harsh the climate.


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