climate resilient indoor agriculture

Our Company

Since 2013 Sustainitech has been pushing the envelope of Controlled Environment Agriculture

After having developed its first proprietary indoor farming chambers in 2013, the company has gone on to develop dozens of enabling technologies, processes and algorithms in house to assist the CEA industry in scaling rapidly while managing energy and carbon emissions responsibly.  Sustainitech designs, develops and finances large-scale horticultural projects for growing food and flowers as well as assisting it’s partners in maximizing both profits & environmental returns.

Our Focus

We work with funds, growers, CPG companies, grocery, food service, municipalities and others to deploy CEA projects that minimize the footprint yet control the costs of intensive greenhouse & indoor production.

Waste Heat Utilization

Sustainitech has developed a number of proprietary solutions for tying horticultural facilities into large industrial assets such as power generation, natural gas compression & other combustion processes.

Site & Energy Algorithms

The company has been an early developer of algorithms and AI / ML processes for discovering & developing horticultural sites that enable superior returns and climate change readiness. 

Crop Agnostic

Sustainitech focuses on all crops within the food and flowers segments.

Energy is the key to the future of intensive controlled environment agriculture, and this is where Sustainitech shines.